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Care Sheet

  1. Brush hair to help remove styling products and reduce tangling before wetting the hair.
  2. Wet hair with warm water, not hot. Hair and scalp must be shampooed regularly, but not excessively, to remove excessive scalp oils.
  3. Do not agitate or rub hair in a circular motion while shampooing.
  4. Concentrate the application of conditioner to the ends of the hair. You may use a large tooth comb/pick in the shower to gently comb conditioner through the hair to help remove tangles.
  5. Blot dry the hair with towel.
  6. When your hair is wet caution must be taken not to put excessive tension the bond. This includes but is not limited to swimming, shampooing combing or brushing etc.
  7. Do not use silicone or oil based products on or near the attachment.
  8. Avoid intense heat situation such as , saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds etc.
  9. Curling irons and heat rollers may be used, and will not effect the attachment if they are used properly and away from direct contact with the attachment.
  10. When combing or brushing the hair start at the ends of the hair and work toward the crown of the head a little at a time. Make sure to hold weft or hair system at the attachment areas to reduce tugging.
  11. A more thorough washing is required after swimming in a pool or salt water or using a spa. Chlorine makes the hair tangle. To help avoid this problem apply conditioner to the hair and do not rinse out before swimming.
  12. The hair additions have been chemically processed. It is not recommended that you bleach, tint or perm the additions.
  13. Never sleep on wet hair as it will cause excess tangling.

If these guidelines are not followed, the quality of your hair additions and the attachment can not be guaranteed.